Gelatin printmaking is a planographic process, which means one prints from a flat surface. It resembles traditional methods such a wood block, etching and lithography, in that one develops the image on a printing plate. Instead of copper, stone or wood, this method uses a plate made of gelatin. It is a beautifully simple non-toxic printing method which lends itself to the exploration of image-making with a great deal of freedom and invention.
Francis S. Merritt pioneered this basic method in gelatin printing starting in the 1950’s.
My love of gelation printing began with a course taught by Susan Webster at Haystack School of Arts and Crafts around 2004. It has offered me a method to be very loose and inventive with the fish and sea creatures that have become a constant in my arts repertoire recently.
All prints are created with archival water based inks on BFK print paper. Contact artist (see “contact” above) for availability and prices.